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The book talks about the suffering of a family, the loss of youth, and the extra-ordinary experiences of how most of Freide's family was able to escape Hitler’s persecution. It describes how each individual had different experiences during that journey and time.


An important part of the story is that Freide was able to go through that period and survive, and she helped many other victims to survive. She was a member of the Belgian resistance movement. This was both courageous and encouraging because it shows that there were many other people who were supporting the truth and the anti-German sentiment and anti-war feeling. Other members of the Resistance movement, like her, risked their lives and the lives of their families to help other fellow human beings.


This is one documentation of what suffering people went through. It's a not message of hate and revenge, it's a message meant to make people more aware so that there should be more brotherhood and atonement.


The terror of the events in 1940, trying to escape from Antwerp and bombs and people being killed around her, has never left her mind. The Kristallnacht event, when she heard the screaming of young children, mothers, and fathers being separated, and saw the flames of the holy scriptures in the middle of the street, was forever imprinted in her memory.

Available now in Kindle and in Paperback

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