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Sometimes a photo tells 1,000 words. Teaching children involves many skills and tools, and the more a child can experience a topic or idea, the more likely she (or he) will remember it longer. Art, cooking and baking, music, dance, and drama are just a few of the ways we most successfully engage children. Intellectual rigor in the classroom requires that educators require students to think, to talk, and to do, not just listen.


What does it take to become an outstanding teacher? Most educators remember mentors and teachers who guided them along the way. I do -- there are so many people I'm grateful for knowing, who shared their wisdom with me -- and I love to share what I've learned, and continue learning with and from others as we share our journey together.

a glimpse of some of the creative projects I initiated and shared...

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     "Marian has been a great part of my life. She brought my family closer to the Jewish tradition through baking challah and reciting the Kiddush to welcome Shabbat. With her beautiful singing voice she has always radiated a welcoming atmosphere, which made the whole room warm during Temple’s services. Her knowledge and experience in Jewish education has influenced our Hebrew School and created new programs and experiences for all ages to enjoy. Marian has made our Temple a place you can’t wait to attend." Dimona Galli, Education Director, Congregation Agudas Achim, Livingston Manor, NY

     "Marian Kleinman has a big heart, a huge heart in fact. And her knowledge about and commitment to Jewish music, and to teaching and advocating for children and Jewish education runs deep." Ellen Allard, Multi-award Winning Recording Artist, Performer, Musician, Composer and Educator

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