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Avinu Malkeinu - Janowski, Rosh Hashanah -
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     "I feel so blessed to know Marian from our time together at AJR. The great joy and passion with which she leads services is infectious. It makes those in the congregation want to get up and dance and sing, and to feel as if they are along with the women 'that went out after her (Miriam) in dance and with timbrels.' " (Exodus 15:20). Sally Shore-Wittenberg, Spiritual Leader, Kerhonkson Synagogue, NY

Bim Bam Medley - Marian Kleinman
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Avinu Malkeinu (Folk) - Marian Kleinman
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Contact Marian to request additional recordings to sample.

“A person should make ladders of song by which he can sometimes go up to heaven.”

R. Kalonymus Kalman Shapiro, Tzav v’Zairuz

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